Multi-Restaurant Gift Card 4-Pack



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Give the gift of food with a Gift Card 4-Pack built to satisfy any Fentonite’s appetite.  The 4-Pack features a glossy gift folio filled with $25 gift cards for four unique Fenton restaurants — The Laundry, The Relief & Resource Co., El Topo, and CRUST – a baking company.  The 4-pack provides plenty of dining options right here in Downtown Fenton — breakfast, lunch, dinner or carry-out.  This 4-Pack’s got you covered, and we’ve done all the running around town and assembly for you!

Gift Cards never spoil, never go out of style, never expire. They can be cashed in for anything from cocktails to carne and pretty much everything in between.

Simply enter the name of the person receiving the 4-Pack and your greeting. We will mail the gift card to the designated recipient; one shipping destination per transaction please. Or if you prefer to present your gift in person, we’ll mail it to you.